Halmahera: The unexplored island at the heart of the Coral Triangle

Sunset at the foot of Gamkonora, Halmahera, Northern Moluccas

As the largest island in the Moluccan archipelago, Halmahera attracts visitors with a varied landscape that stretches over 17,000 km² and contains countless picturesque panoramas, above and below water. The vast jungle areas hide lakes, rivers and waterfalls, while the mountain peaks of the active volcanoes on the island seem to touch the sky. Halmahera’s seemingly endless coastline invites with numerous beaches and small islands to dive and snorkel, right in the heart of the ‘Coral Triangle’.

Halmahera is not just a habitat for diverse flora and fauna, it is also the Moluccan island with the largest number of endemic reptile and bird species. Scientists believe that the list of known species is still not complete. The jungle region, especially in the east and south of the island, is also home to the indigenous tribe of Togutil. Due to the immigration of various ethnic groups from other regions of Indonesia, bringing with them their rituals and customs, the island culture of Halmahera is also very diverse.

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Attractions on Halmahera

Halmahera's landscape with picture-postcard views, Spice Islands, Moluccas

Halmahera’s picture postcard views

Halmahera offers a varied, mountainous jungle landscape, providing the perfect scenic backdrops to colourfully decorated villages.

Halmahera: Island with three active volcanoes; North Moluccas

Halmahera’s natural spectacle No. 1: Volcanoes

Three active volcanos, Dukono, Ibu and Gamkonora, are located on Halmahera. With the support of experienced local mountain guides, the natural spectacle of the volcanic activity can be viewed up close.

Halmahera thermal springs: A special bathing fun thanks to volcanic activity

Hot springs on Halmahera island

As a result of volcanic restlessness throughout the island, there are numerous thermal springs to be discovered, offering a very special bathing experience.

Halmahera: Swimming and snorkelling in front of spectacular coastal scenery, Moluccas

Halmahera’s spectacular coastal scenery

Starting from the small harbour towns that form a lively starting point for trips in the region, there are numerous diving and snorkelling areas along Halmahera’s spectacular coastline.

Scenic diversity: Halmahera's unusual rock formations, cliffs and atolls

Landscape variety on the island of Halmahera

There are numerous lakes, rivers and waterfalls to be found across Halmahera, as well as unusual rock formations, cliffs and atolls, all contributing to a fascinating landscape.

Halmahera is surrounded by countless islands; the Widi archipelago alone includes over one hundred

Secluded: Halmahera’s offshore islands

Off the shores of Halmahera are to be found countless little islands; the Widi archipelago alone comprises more than one hundred. Due to their remoteness, visits from outside are rare.

Jailolo, western Halmahera: sub-district and sultanate at the same time

The little Sultanate Jailolo

Jailolo is not only a sub-district in the west of Halmahera, but also forms a sultanate which, together with Ternate, Tidore and Bacan, forms the ‘Moloku Kie Raha’, the Realm of the Four Mountains. The term describes the alliance of these four sultanates which dates back to the 14th century, symbolized by the power of the great mountains of the 4 realms: Gamalama, Matubu, Sibela and Ibu.

A network of ferries connects the surrounding islands with Halmahera, Spice Islands, North Moluccas

Inter-island transport

Although Halmahera can also be reached by plane, the usual transport connections are by sea. A, more or less, regular network of ferries connects all the most important places in this remote island world.

On the road on Halmahera: Rest stops along the way

On the road on Halmahera

The rugged topography leads to long travel times between individual locations on the island. However, there are always resting places along the more frequented routes.

Halmahera: Not only the children like to pose for photo opportunities

Meeting the locals

As everywhere in the North Moluccas, strangers are met with curiosity on Halmahera. And it’s not just the children who set themselves up for photo opportunities.

Village life on Halmahera follows the rhythm of sunrise and sunset

Halmahera’s village life

Village life follows the rhythm of nature, from sunrise to sunset in line with the requirements of daily needs. Central meeting points serve for social exchange as well as activities not possible at home.

Halmahera's markets reflect regional diversity in their offerings

The local markets

There are numerous local markets for fresh food, reflecting the variety of what the island region has to offer.

Everyday life on Halmahera still follows very traditional paths

Everyday life in East Indonesia

Far away from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, life still follows very traditional paths. Fishing, agriculture and the sale of the resulting produce usually determines the daily work routine of the population here.

Tours to Halmahera

Events Halmahera

Journey to Halmahera

Singapur – Manado (Sulawesi) – Ternate –> SilkAir 3 ½ hrs. + among others Garuda, Wings 45 min.

Singapur – Makassar (Sulawesi) – Ternate –> SilkAir 3 hrs. + among others Garuda, LionAir 1 ¾ hrs.

Jakarta (Java) – Ternate –> among others Garuda, LionAir, Batik 4 hrs.

Manado (Sulawesi) – Kao (Halmahera) –> Wings 60 min.

Mangga Dua (Ternate) – Sofifi (Halmahera) –> ca. 45 min.

Mangga Dua (Ternate) – Sidangoli (Halmahera) –> ca. 45 min.

Mangga Dua (Ternate) – Jailolo (Halmahera) –> ca. 60 min.

Daruba (Morotai) – Tobelo (Halmahera) –> ca. 90 min.

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