Events on Halmahera island, the largest island of the Moluccas

Rera Tumding Festival, Halmahera, Northern Moluccas, Spice Islands

Rera Tumding Festival

Beginning of October

Reflecting the cultural diversity of the island, Halmahera hosts numerous events and festivities in different designs and styles. A highlight of its kind is the Festival RERA TUMDING, which was initiated in 2019 and has its focus on the many traditions and rituals of West Halmahera’s diverse ethnic communities.

West Halmahera is home to 19 different ethnic groups speaking 11 different languages, which not only contribute to great diversity linguistically, but also brings along a variety of habits and customs. A total of 7 of the West-Halmahera-based ethnic groups originate from this area and the aim of the RERA TUMDING Festival is to preserve the cultural heritage of these particular tribes for the future and to keep the younger generation connected with their roots.

Festival Rera Tumding

Festival Highlights

The first festival took place from 30.09. – 04.10.2019. During this period, different events took place at various locations in the 7 tribes’ regions, providing them with the opportunity to present their specific traditions and customs to an interested audience. Other festival highlights included the opening and closing ceremonies, where beautiful dances were presented in front of a breathtaking backdrop. This festival, however, is very new and it remains to be seen how it will be developing in the future.

Jailolo Festival

typically in May

Since its kick-off in 2009, Jailolo has been celebrating the same name festival every year, which in the meantime not only attracts local visitors, but increasingly meets interest from outside the archipelago. Launched by the Department of Tourism, the aim of the festival is to promote tourism in the region while attracting international guests. Located directly at the seaside and framed by a wonderful backdrop of the volcano, Jailolo can be enjoyed in a very festive atmosphere during that time of the year. In addition to traditional dance performances, which provide for colorful impressions, during the festival period there is also the chance to admire local craftsmanship and to sample specialties of the local cuisine.

This year, the Teluk Jailolo Festival took place from 09.06. – 12.06.2021. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, it was implemented in the form of an interesting hybrid concept, whereby the individual events were held live, but presented to the audience online.

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