Events on Morotai Island, the northernmost island of the Moluccas

Morotai Festival, Northern Moluccas, Spice Islands, Western Pacific Ocean

Morotai Festival

Expected at the beginning of August each year

Only established a few years ago, the Morotai Festival has been re-designed in 2019 and extended in scope with the intention of making this remote island region well-known beyond the country’s borders as well as to present the island officially in an appropriate setting as one of the planned ’10 New Balis’. Reflected for the first time in the annual Events Calendar of the Indonesian Minister of Tourism, representing the country’s 100 most important festivals, a further goal of this festival is to showcase the nature and culture of this beautiful island and to attract more international guests in the future.

The Morotai Festival has also been paused since 2020 due to the pandemic.

Morotai Festival

Festival Highlights

Due to the realignment, it remains to be seen how the festival will continue to develop in the future. The focal point of the 2019 event was the re-branding of the island as ‘Land of Stories’ and the introduction of the shark mascot GOMO, Gorango Morotai. Moreover, there was a choreographic masterpiece by the Indonesian choreographer Eko Supriyanto to marvel at, who, accompanied by the traditional local Bamboo Tada music, set in scene Morotai’s WWII history with a total of 2,196 dancers participating, thus breaking the so-called MURI-record of the Museum Rekor Dunia Indonesia.

In addition to various dance performances and performances of traditional music, other highlights included the fishing and rowing competition in which the largest fish and the fastest and most beautifully decorated boats were admired and awarded.

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