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West Papua Islands Raja Ampat

Island paradise to satisfy your wanderlust with birds of paradise, palm beaches and picture-perfect scenery

Raja Ampat is a true paradise. Crystal clear waters, dazzling coral reefs, white sandy beaches, dense jungle, extraordinary karst formations and lovely locals. Raja Ampat is found far in the east of Indonesia, in the province of West Papua and, as part of the famous coral triangle, is particularly well known to divers and snorkelers. Here, where the Halmahera Sea merges into the Western Pacific, various ocean currents meet, bringing with them lots of nutrients and therefore countless underwater creatures. Around 80 percent of the world's marine flora and fauna can be found here: from the smallest pygmy seahorses to the endemic walking shark to gigantic manta rays, everything is here!

But Raja Ampat also has a lot to offer above water. Consisting of a seemingly endless number of more or less small islands, the island kingdom enchants with breathtaking landscapes and provides a magnificent picture-book backdrop for fantastic holiday photos. The famous "Mushroom Islands", densely covered limestone cliffs that rise steeply from the turquoise, crystal-clear waters, are synonymous with this unique holiday destination. Nature lovers will also find here dense rainforest with endemic birds of paradise, many uninhabited islands and secluded beaches as well as a shy but very lovable local population, whose appearance differs from that of the rest of Indonesians.

As an extra bonus, Mother Nature also has gorgeous sunsets that, with their strong yellow, orange and red tones in combination with a few clouds, all too often create an equally enchanting and surreal image of their surroundings. By the way, sunrises are no less beautiful. And thanks to the very few lights at night, Raja Ampat also has a fantastic starry sky to marvel at, with shooting stars constantly appearing.

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Top attractions of Raja Ampat

What to see in Raja Ampat

  • Island world: Piaynemo with star lagoon: The limestone cliffs, which rise like small islands from the turquoise water, have become a world-famous photo motif alongside the Wayag Islands and a must-visit on a holiday in Raja Ampat.
  • Wayag Archipelago: Located a little further north, but at least as impressive are the Wayag Islands. From various vantage points, visitors can marvel at the picturesque karst formations and extensive lagoons.
  • The Passage with Hidden Bay: The Passage is a small strait between the islands of Gam and Waigeo, framed by striking, overgrown karst cliffs and giving you the feeling of sailing along a river. There are hidden bays and caves to discover here and the mix of mangroves, coral blocks and sandy bottom make for a unique snorkeling and diving experience.
  • Bird tours in the jungle: Not only bird lovers get their money's worth in Raja Ampat. Here visitors can observe endemic bird species such as the famous birds of paradise in their pair dances, discover colorful parrots or marvel at majestic cockatoos. And jungle hikes: with waterfalls, caves and extraordinary animal species such as the tarsier, cuscus monkeys, maleos and various species of lizards.
  • Village visits: are the best way to get to know the lives of the friendly and curious locals, to see fishermen at work or to watch children playing in the water. Arborek Island: This small island is home to around 200 inhabitants and is one of the most famous islands in the archipelago. It is home to Barefoot Conservation, an NGO that documents, monitors and conserves underwater life with the help of locals and volunteers from around the world. The underwater world in this place looks correspondingly impressive.
  • Visit Pearl Farms: There are several pearl farms in Raja Ampat that can be visited. Here holidaymakers can find out more about how the precious pearls are grown.
  • Try local food: The locals eat mainly freshly caught fish - and traditionally papeda, a starchy porridge made from the sago palm that is often served with yellow fish soup.
  • Teluk Kabui with Batu Pensil: Impressive rock formations await visitors in Kabui Bay, including Batu Pensil (“Pen Rock”), which rises high out of the sea like a narrow pen. A great backdrop for unique holiday photos!


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Enchanting Story of Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, the “Kingdom of the 4 Kings”. The name Raja Ampat comes from local mythology and tells of a woman who once found seven eggs. She took the eggs home and soon six of the seven eggs hatched into four boys, a girl and a ghost. The seventh egg didn't budge. It became a stone. According to legend, the girl was adopted as a daughter by the King of the Biak. The four boys became kings and ruled over the areas of Waigeo, Salawati, Misool and Batanta, now known as the four main islands of Raja Ampat.

The stone egg still exists today and is kept in its original location in a house near the Waigeo River. It is considered a cultural asset of the locals and has a high symbolic value.

And the ghost - so it is said - is still wandering around restlessly...

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Journey to Raja Ampat

By plane:

  • Manado (Sulawesi) - Sorong (Raja Ampat) -> Lion Air 1,5 hrs.
  • Makassar (Sulawesi) - Sorong (Raja Ampat) -> Lion Air, Wings 2,5 hrs.
  • Bali – Sorong (Raja Ampat) –> Garuda 3 hrs.
  • Jakarta (Java) – Sorong (Raja Ampat) -> Garuda, Batik 4 hrs.

By ship:

  • by PELNI from different Indonesian harbours, not on a daily basis