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The fascinating underwater world of East Indonesia’s island regions

The unique underwater world in the Coral Triangle of East Indonesia

Since the pioneering work on the origin of species by Alfred Russel Wallace, the islands situated between Borneo and Papua in the centre of the Indo-Pacific region have been a source of constant interest to naturalists. This group of islands east of the Wallace Line is geographically isolated from continental land masses and lies at the interface between Asian and Australian flora and fauna, offering a unique array of animal and plant life to be explored. Due to its high number of endemic species, it is truly one of the world’s most biodiverse regions.

On our individual Indonesia island tours there are countless opportunities to explore the underwater world. Diving, snorkelling or swimming holidays become a really special experience here :-)

The Coral Triangle

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The territory ‘East of Wallace’ is located in the so-called ‘Coral Triangle’. The Coral Triangle encompasses Indonesia’s maritime areas and extends to the Philippines in the north and East Timor in the south. It describes an area that is considered to be the most species-rich maritime ecosystem on our planet. While it only covers around 1.0 % of the earth’s surface, this region offers a disproportionate amount of biodiversity compared to other regions of the world. More than two thirds of the world’s reef-forming coral species and one third of the coral reef fish species can be found here.