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Tana Toraja, the land of the Toraja, is home to more than a quarter of a million people. This indigenous people, who are known for their extraordinary funeral rituals, live in the central highlands in the left ‘arm’ of the island of Sulawesi. While the majority of the Toraja have converted to Christianity over time, their customs are still strongly influenced by their earlier spiritual and religious ideas, which are particularly expressed in their belief in the power of the ancestors and in rituals to venerate the dead which offer a very unique cultural experience to visitors.

In addition to their unusual customs, the Toraja also stand out from other ethnic groups through the architecture of their settlements. The architectural style of their houses is unmistakable, richly decorated with ornaments and buffalo horn, and crowned with striking roof constructions. The Toraja houses are typically built entirely of wood and without any nails. Consisting of several layers of bamboo, the imposing roofs sweep upwards at both ends to resemble boats in shape, making them a distinctive landmark of the region and its people.


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By plane:

  • Jakarta (Java) – Makassar (Sulawesi) –> Garuda, Wings, LionAir, Sriwijaya, Citilink, Superairjet 2 1/2 hrs.

  • Makassar (Sulawesi) –> Wings 1 hr.