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How to get to East Indonesia?

Getting to one of Indonesia’s last undiscovered paradises, the islands east of the Wallace Line, in short: East of Wallace, starts with a long-haul international flight. There are no non-stop flights, which means you can’t get there without changing planes. Those departing from Germany to one of our tours to East Indonesia, usually begin their journey to the world of the Spice Islands and nature adventures in Frankfurt, with departures also possible from Munich and Berlin. From many German airports, feeder flights to Frankfurt & Co are offered, but it is also possible to go by train, e.g. with a Rail and Fly ticket.

Those who want to start their journey to eastern Indonesia from other European countries will find an equally large variety of flight connections.

Which airlines fly to Sulawesi and the Moluccas?

Many renowned airlines fly to Indonesia. Singapore Airlines offers particularly good connections, flying from Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin (SA-branch Scoot) to Singapore. The flight takes about 12 hours. The airline is extremely popular, very safe and there are cheap flight offers. If you book early, you can usually save money.

Our tip for all those flying with Singapore Airlines is to interrupt the journey with a stopover in Singapore. The airlines offers a brilliant stopover programme for little money. Singapore is the proverbial contrast to East of Wallace but definitely worth a visit. We have lived in Singapore and can provide you with insider tips.

Flying via the Arab Emirates can also be an interesting way to get there. They also offer an interesting stopover programme. Emirates, Qatar and Etihad fly to both Singapore and Jakarta. Both Singapore and Jakarta are ideal destinations to reach the island world of eastern Indonesia and start your trekking, diving, cultural or nature adventure. 

The cheapest stopover offers can be booked directly with the airlines. They are definitely worthwhile, as they include overnight accommodation, admission to countless attractions and often also the transfer to the hotel.

From Singapore, Jakarta, Manado and Makassar, the journey continues with domestic Indonesian airlines. Garuda Indonesia is particularly recommended. Indonesia fans appreciate and love them. However, many remote islands can only be reached with small, unknown airlines.

The pure flight time to the islands of eastern Indonesia is around 17 hours. A full day must be planned for both the outward and return journeys.

We recommend booking the long-haul flights yourself. However, the flight times should be coordinated with us before booking so that we can start your adventure tour in a suitable way. We can book the domestic flights for you.

Entry regulations Indonesia / East of Wallace

Indonesia’s entry and import regulations may change at any time. Legally binding information and / or information about the entry and customs regulations on importation of goods that goes beyond these notes can only be obtained directly from the Representative Offices of the Republic of Indonesia. The information below refers to travellers with a German passport and is intended to serve as a guideline.

Due to the pandemic, Indonesia's borders were closed to tourism for a long time. The country has now started to open up again and can be visited by international tourists. However - and this is especially true for the island region east of the Wallace Line, which is hardly developed for tourism - it must be expected that tourism is only slowly 'waking up' again and that it will also meet a different standard than the one known from the Indonesian tourist stronghold Bali. 

Since September 1, 2023, a new electronic customs declaration procedure has applied to all international airports in Indonesia. You must register using the following link https://ecd.beacukai.go.id/at least 48 hours before arrival in Jakarta, Manado or Denpasar (international airports in Indonesia). Paper forms are no longer available. The use of the online form is therefore mandatory. If you don't have a cell phone, computers are also available in the customs area of the airport. For example, Manado currently has 3 computers. This streamlined process is designed to make customs clearance faster and easier.

Otherwise, the following is currently required or requested for entry into Indonesia:

  • Passport - must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry and exit!
  • Return or onward flight ticket to another country
  • 'Visa on Arrival' – Visa fees in the amount of 500,000 IDR (https://molina.imigrasi.go.id)

You can find more detailed information on the website of the German Foreign Office. For more health related considerations when travelling to East Indonesia, please see here.

Travel Documents

Entering the country is possible with the following documents, which must be valid for at least six months at the time of entry:

  • Passport
  • Provisional passport (only with visa issued prior to entry)
  • Child passport

Visa for Indonesia

Depending on the purpose of their trip, the duration of their stay and their itinerary, German citizens can enter Indonesia with a passport and either

  • Obtain a visa on arrival or
  • Apply for a visa prior to entry at the competent mission of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Visa on Arrival is valid for up to 30 days. It is possible to extend this visa once for another 30 days. Competent authority: any immigration office (Imigrasi) in Indonesia.

For the following cases it is necessary to apply for a visa before entry:

  • Long-term stays,
  • Stays with a specific purpose of stay (e.g. journalistic activities including photo, video and audio journalism, gainful employment or research activities),
  • Entry with a temporary passport.

Exceeding the maximum length of stay may result in heavy fines.

Airport tax

The airport tax of up to 200,000 IDR per passenger is usually included in the air ticket price. In case of doubt, it is recommended to ask the airline to confirm this is the case.


Compulsory Registration

In principle, there is a registration requirement for stays from 24 hours after entry. In regards to hotel stays, there is nothing that needs to be arranged. Travelers staying in private accommodation should contact their host in order to register with the council leader (RT = Rukun Tetangga).


Import Regulations

Indonesia has introduced a requirement for entrants to register their International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. This applies to mobile phones and other electronic devices equipped with a SIM card that are to be used in Indonesia. The devices must be registered with the Indonesian Customs Administration (Bea Cukai) before or upon entry and is limited to two devices per person. Without registration, the use of the devices with Indonesian SIM cards will be blocked. If the devices are registered, import duties may be due.

Imports of cash and cash equivalents exceeding IDR 100 million (currently approximately EUR 6,300) must be reported to Indonesian customs upon entry. Failure to report or incorrect reports will result in high fines. The export of cash and cash equivalents exceeding the equivalent of IDR 100 million requires the approval of the Central Bank, Bank Indonesia.

When importing medications containing narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs, it is essential to ensure that these are unambiguously for personal use only by means of a corresponding prescription with translation and also in the amount corresponding to the prescription and are therefore not prohibited as narcotics in Indonesia. If in doubt, the Embassy of Indonesia in your country should be consulted.

For up-to-date information on immigration and customs, however, the website of your country’s Foreign Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Customs Office or the country representatives of the Republic of Indonesia are explicitly referenced.