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Adventures in East Indonesia

The unique bird life of East-Indonesia

The islands east of the Wallace Line are a highlight for ornithologists

Since the pioneering work on the origin of species by Alfred Russel Wallace, the islands situated between Borneo and Papua in the centre of the Indo-Pacific region have been a source of constant interest to naturalists. This group of islands east of the Wallace Line is geographically isolated from continental land masses and lies at the interface between Asian and Australian flora and fauna, offering a unique array of animal and plant life to be explored. Due to its high number of endemic species, it is truly one of the world’s most biodiverse regions.

On our individually arranged ornithological trips, which inspire bird lovers and ornithologists, there is an almost unbelievable variety of unknown species to discover.

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Following Wallace

Associated with the size of the region and the numerous islands, the island world east of the Wallace Line offers those who are interested in ornithology an extraordinary richness of bird life. The region of the North Moluccas currently counts over 30 endemic bird species while on Sulawesi and its associated islands, their number extends well beyond 40. The protagonists, which are mostly to be found in less accessible jungle regions, can best be encountered with the help of experienced local guides.


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