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Moluccas - Spice Islands

Moluccas: Culture & Nature Tour

Holiday in Ternate, Tidore and West-Halmahera

Moluccas Culture and Nature trip to the charming Spice Islands. Our East Indonesia island tour with exotic culture, swimming & snorkeling. Take a holiday in the island world of the Moluccas, still untouched by tourism. Individual trip with a combination of islands, adventure, culture and relaxation.

From € 899,- per person (7D/6N)
Moluccas - Spice Islands: Fully loaded motorbike with spices

Moluccas: Spices & Species Tour

Journey to Ternate, Tidore & Central-Halmahera

Holiday on the Moluccas: Individual East Indonesia tour to the Moluccan Spice Islands, snorkelling adventures and diving on the house reef, untouched underwater world, exotic markets, sensual scents, unique bird life. The perfect mix between culture, island hopping, nature, sports and relaxation.

From € 1.149,- per person (8D/7N)
Untouched island world of the Moluccas: Lonely bay on the spice island Morotai

Moluccas: Morotai Private Trip for Explorers

Individual trip to Morotai

Moluccas island Morotai nature & culture trip for explorers: Individual nature and culture tour for explorers. Remote islands, secluded bays with white sandy beaches, dense jungle with endemic bird species, crystal-clear rivers and hidden waterfalls, picturesque island landscapes and a unique underwater world all together with an impressive island history are waiting for you.

From € 2.299,- per person (6D/5N), individual days can also be booked
Indonesia, Moluccas: Landscape panorama Halmahera with mountain, sea & palm trees

Moluccas: North-Halmahera Discovery Tour

Private tour for nature & culture lovers to North Halmahera

Tailor-made trip North Halmahera: Immerse yourself in unknown territory and join us for an exciting journey to the still unexplored island of Halmahera, the largest island of the Moluccas and one of the entchanting Spice Islands. Discover its mighty rainforests, imposing volcanoes, magnificent endemic bird species and its equally lively and colorful underwater world.

From € 1.249,- per person (7D/6N), single days can also be booked
Moluccas - Spice Islands: Taman Moya Ternate

Moluccas: Private Cycling & Snorkeling Tour

Tailor-made trip to Ternate and Tidore

Our active trip cycling and snorkelling tour on the Moluccas: During your private island hopping tour through the dreamlike Islands, you will get to know the volcanic twin islands of Ternate and Tidore on foot during a hike and by bicycle. As a reward for your efforts, you can dive and snorkel through a crystal-clear underwater world and enjoy dream beaches with powder sugar sand.

From € 610,- per person (5D/4N)
Sulawesi: Decorative rock tomb

Sulawesi: Toraja Heritage Tour

Private cultural experience tour to the Toraja people in Central Sulawesi

Sulawesi Toraja Heritage Tour: Immerse yourself and let yourself be enchanted by the Toraja's extraordinary culture. Your individual journey leads you through culturally unknown and unique terrain. The tour takes you along a picturesque mountain scenery past numerous small rice terraces, through picturesque villages and impressive burial sites that express their unique death cult.

From € 899,- per person (6D/5N)
Sulawesi - Tangkoko National Park: Koboldmaki

Sulawesi: Private Tour Minahasa & Tangkoko

Highlight for Animal Lovers in North Sulawesi - 2 Variants

Tangkoko & Minahasa Discovery tour to the world’s smallest monkeys in the jungle of Tangkoko National Park, a highlight for animal lovers, nature buffs and monkey fans. Our individual tours to the nature reserve are perfect for those who are keen to do an exciting trip into the rainforest besides diving and snorkeling.

From € 769,- per person (5D/4N)
Sulawesi, Tangkoko Nationalpark: Knobbed Hornbill (Rhyticeros Cassidix)

Sulawesi: Minahasa & Tangkoko National Park Day Trip

North Sulawesi Highlights Tour - Private Excursion for Beginners

Sulawesi Minahasa & Tangkoko National Park: Meet the world's smallest monkeys in the dense jungle of Tangkoko National Park and immerse yourself in the breathtaking Minahasa Highlands during your private and individually planned day tour. Ideal as a day trip from/to your beach or diving resort.

From € 179,- per person (1D/0N)
Sulawesi, Sombori island: Sulawesi's 'Raja Ampat'

Sulawesi: Labengki & Sombori Island Paradise Tour

Discover Sulawesi's Raja Ampat - Private tour to a hidden island world

Labengki & Sombori island paradise tour in undiscovered south-east of Sulawesi, Sulawesi's Raja Ampat. Tropical rainforest, lonely blue lagoons, beautiful white sandy beaches, fantastic views, encounter with sea nomads - dream holidays in the untouched island world of Indonesia East of the Wallace Line. Travel to Sulawesi.

From € 699,- per person (5D/4N)
Komodo Island: Komodo dragon climbing up tree

Sunda Islands: Komodo & Flores Round Trip

Holiday between Komodo dragons and Kelimutu volcano

Sunda Islands: Flores & Komodo Round Trip. You've taken a liking to the Komodo dragons and now you really want to see them where they are at home - on Komodo! Do you love to explore unknown terrain and get to know the country and its people? Voila, your trip combines the island of Komodo with Flores - the perfect private Indonesia holiday.

From € 1.649,- per person (6D/5N)
Indonesia, Little Sunda Island Sumba: Traditional village of Ratenggaro

Sunda Islands: West Sumba Tour

Trip to the realm of Pasola tradition and monumental megalithic tombs

Sunda Islands: West Sumba Experience Tour. You are interested in the remote region of the Lesser Sunda Islands? You are curious about undiscovered places with their long traditions in untouched nature? And you want to spend your Indonesia trip not only for e.g. Komodo & Flores, but also to get an impression of Sumba? Here you go :-)

From € 699,- per person (4D/3N)
Indonesia, Sumba Island: Picturesque rice field

Sunda Islands: Sumba Discovery Tour

Tradition & nature experience; Travel to the little visited island of Sumba

Sunda Islands: Sumba Discovery Tour. You are looking for peace and above all a change from what you already know. You like exotic places that have character in their own way. And you love nature just as much as secluded Indonesian island cultures. Travel to the Lesser Sunda Island of Sumba! Can also be combined with our Flores and Komodo trip.

From € 1.499,- per person (7D/6N)
Indonesien, Moluccas: White sandy beach with palm trees and wooden houses

Moluccas: Dream island holiday Ambon and Kei Islands

Nature experience trip to the treasures of the remote Central Moluccas

Moluccas: Dream island holiday Ambon and Kei Islands. Individually guided tour to the remote island of Ambon and the Kei Island archipelago. Nature experience trip to Indonesia east of the Wallace Line, still undiscovered by tourists. Get involved with the land, the people and the sea.

From € 1.999,- per person (8D/7N)