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For current information on the security situation in the individual regions of Indonesia, please refer to your individual home country's Foreign Office website. The following information should serve as a guidance.


Infrastructure/Transportation in East-Indonesia

The transport infrastructure as well as the safety precautions in shipping and ferry traffic are not in line with European standards in Indonesia. Road, sea and air traffic are accident prone. When choosing the means of transport between Indonesian islands, special caution is advised.

Vehicles should only be rented by reputable companies and with a driver. The rental of motorcycles and scooters is discouraged due to the unfamiliar traffic conditions for foreigners.

Trekking tours, mountaineering and diving should be done with local guides whose reliability can be considered as safe by recommendation from the hotel or travel agency.

Driver’s license

An international driver’s license is required and only valid in conjunction with the national driver’s license.


Special Behavior / Ramadan

Indonesia is a predominantly Islamic country. Although some regions East of the Wallace Line do have a Christian majority population, the general rules of conduct that apply to travelers to Islamic countries should be taken into account, especially in rural areas.

During the fasting month of Ramadan, limitations in everyday life in Islamic-influenced parts of the country (for example closure of restaurants outside the hotel during the day, reduced working hours at the authorities) and heightened sensitivity in religious matters as well as respect for Islamic traditions have to be considered. Although the fasting rules apply only to Muslims, non-Muslims should be careful not to offend religious feelings.

Criminal Law

Indonesia is one of the countries with the strictest drug laws worldwide. Even the possession of very small quantities of drugs often leads to high prison sentences or the death penalty, which is also enforced on foreigners. It is therefore urgently warned against the acquisition, possession, distribution and import and export of narcotic drugs. This also applies to taking along and transporting goods for third parties without knowledge of the contents.

Also prescription medication for personal needs, especially if they contain narcotics, such as Methadone, or psychotropic drugs, can be qualified as a drug without the proof of prescription corresponding to the amount possessed, leading to corresponding consequences.

Indonesian judicial and preliminary proceedings do not necessarily comply with Western countries’ constitutional standards. Suspected violations of Indonesian law may require prolonged pre-trial detention, expensive but sometimes inadequate legal defense, and adverse prison conditions that can be hazardous to health.

Money / Credit Cards

Indonesia’s national currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). For remote areas, such as the region East of Wallace, it is recommended to carry sufficient cash as payment by credit card is rather uncommon. Cash can be withdrawn in populated centers with bank and common credit cards.