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Indonesia East of the Wallace Line

How we came to make this exciting experience

Both of us (Kathrin and Alan) love to travel, especially if it involves straying off the beaten track. Living and working in Singapore for some years gave us the opportunity to get to know more of South East Asia and Indonesia in particular.

The part of the Indonesian archipelago east of the “Wallace Line” particularly appealed to us as it delivers a wealth of unknown facets and surprises, not least due to its remoteness and the logistical challenges getting around this island world.

We first crossed this imaginary line when we chose a holiday in Lombok instead of Bali, and our spirit for adventure increased, leading us on to explore Flores, Komodo and Sulawesi. But the great adventure really took off the day when our plans took an unexpected turn and I (Kathrin) ended up on my own in North Sulawesi. Rather than do the sensible thing and return home, I decided to head eastwards and, equipped only with the 16th century-based novel Nathaniel’s Nutmeg by Giles Milton to guide me, set out to explore the legendary Spice Islands of the North Moluccas.

The events and encounters with wonderful people on this journey inspired both of us to step over the Wallace Line again and again, to explore relatively undiscovered islands like TernateTidoreMorotai and Halmahera. And it became the impulse to create this website, to share our enthusiasm for the region and hopefully inspire you to make your own experiences in East Indonesia.

We invite you to cross The Line too and live out your own adventure in East Indonesia. Look forward to impressive volcano-experiences; to challenging treks through the jungles; to lonely beaches and a unique underwater world; to discovery tours through the still untouched island world and to meeting the people with all their warmth, hospitality and curiosity for guests who have come all this way to visit them.

Let yourself be inspired by East Indonesia and let us help you plan your trip.

We look forward to seeing you!

Kathrin and Alan