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Paradise Island Morotai

Island in the Coral Triangle: Lonely beaches, amazing underwater world

Situated between the Pacific Ocean, Celebes Sea and Halmahera Sea, Morotai is the northernmost island of the Moluccas. It played a key role during WWII as the Alllied Commander, General McArthur, chose it as his base for the Pacific campaign. A statue commemorates MacArthur today on Zumzum Island, the place near the capital of the island where the general spent his free time. The story of the Japanese soldier Teruo Nakamura is also closely linked to Morotai’s WWII past. Nakamura hid in the jungle on the island until he was finally discovered in the early 1970s and had to be convinced that the war had ended 30 years before.

The real charm of the island, however, is its unspoiled nature. Much of Morotai’s 1800 km² area is covered in dense jungle with a network of rivers cutting through the interior of the island. There are numerous empty white sand beaches and idyllic islands waiting to be visited. In addition to the interesting opportunities for underwater activities, the high waves in parts of the island are inviting for surfers. Targeted as one of the ’10 New Bali’ by the Indonesian government, Morotai is currently enjoying a lot of attention, including developments in infrastructure to improve access to touristattractions, particularly in the south of the island.


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Journey to Morotai

By plane:


  • Ternate – Morotai –> Wings 45 min.

  • Manado (Sulawesi) – Kao (Halmahera) –> Wings 1 hrs. Then continue by shared taxi to the port of Tobelo and from there…

By ship:

  • Tobelo (Halmahera) – Daruba (Morotai)  —>  approx. 1 ½ hrs.