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The Spice Island Ternate

Fortresses, crater lakes and great views

As part of the Maritime Silk Road, the island of Ternate was an established anchor point for a wide range of cultures long before Europeans arrived. Thanks to its geographical and climatic coordinates, the island is one of the few places in the world that is home to the Myristica Fragrans and the Caryophyllus Aromaticus, the fruits of which we know as nutmeg and clove. Their trade shaped Ternate’s destiny for many centuries, so much so that the region around the island came to be known as the ‘Spice Islands’.

With an area of around 111 km², Ternate is a rather small island, but densely populated and with a lot of sights. Reflecting its turbulent history, the ruins of old fortifications left behind by the Portuguese, Spaniards and Dutch can be explored. The spice plantations of nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves on the slopes of the volcanic mountain Gamalama evoke times long past and provide wonderful shady viewpoints of the magical island world.


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Journey to Ternate

By plane:


  • Singapur – Manado (Sulawesi) – Ternate –> Scoot 4 hrs. + u.a. Garuda, Wings 45 min.
  • Jakarta (Java) – Ternate –> among others Garuda, Wings, LionAir, Batik 4 hrs.

By ship:

  • Bitung (Sulawesi) – Bastiong (Ternate) –> 18 hrs.
  • Jailolo (Halmahera) – Mangga Dua (Ternate) –> 60 min.
  • Sofifi (Halmahera) – Mangga Dua (Ternate) –> 45 min.
  • Rum (Tidore) – Mangga Dua (Ternate) –> 10 min.