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Sulawesi North

National parks, volcanoes and great diving spots

With an area of approximately 180,000 km², Sulawesi is Indonesia’s 4th largest island and offers a correspondingly wide potential for sights and activities. Today, as in the past, the gateway to Sulawesi’s north is typically through the metropolis of Manado. In the 16th century it was the rich resources of the surrounding area that made Manado a strategic port along the route of the spice traders, but today it is the many natural attractions located in the immediate vicinity that make the city the starting point for a trip in the region.

Located in the so-called ‘Coral Triangle’, divers and snorkelers in Bunaken Marine Park and Lembeh Straits can count on a species-rich underwater world with exceptionally good visibility. But the region also impresses with numerous interesting scenic features on land as well, including the Minahasa highlands, various nature parks with interesting wildlife and active volcanoes.


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Attractions in the North of Sulawesi

Tours to Sulawesi-North

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Events Sulawesi-North

Journey to Sulawesi North

By plane:

  • Singapur – Manado (Sulawesi) —>  Scoot 4 hrs.

  • Jakarta (Java) – Manado (Sulawesi)  —>  Garuda, LionAir, Batik, Citilink 3 hrs.

By ship:

  • Manado Hafen – Bunaken Maritime Park Inseln  —>  approx. 30-60 min.

  • Bastiong (Ternate) – Bitung (Sulawesi)  —>  18 hrs.