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Ready for a trip to the Moluccas? Our travel offers open the door to the diverse Moluccas, the original spice islands. Are you adventurous? Then hot volcanoes that you can climb, deep green and dense jungle, untouched beaches, crystal clear water, friendly people and a fascinating culture await you on the Spice Islands. Dive into the colorful underwater world, explore secret bays or let yourself be seduced by the aromas of Indonesian cuisine. Are you an enthusiastic ornithologist and watching exotic birds makes your heart beat faster? Then follow in the footsteps of Alfred Russel Wallace and find the Halmahera Bird of Paradise.

Our tailor-made travel packages are designed to make your dreams of the ultimate Moluccan adventure come true. So, let's plan your individual Molucca trip for you!


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Molucca travel offers

Moluccas - Spice Islands

Moluccas: Culture & Nature Tour

Holiday in Ternate, Tidore and West-Halmahera

Moluccas Culture and Nature trip to the charming Spice Islands. Our East Indonesia island tour with exotic culture, swimming & snorkeling. Take a holiday in the island world of the Moluccas, still untouched by tourism. Individual trip with a combination of islands, adventure, culture and relaxation.

From € 899,- per person (7D/6N)
Moluccas - Spice Islands: Fully loaded motorbike with spices

Moluccas: Spices & Species Tour

Journey to Ternate, Tidore & Central-Halmahera

Holiday on the Moluccas: Individual East Indonesia tour to the Moluccan Spice Islands, snorkelling adventures and diving on the house reef, untouched underwater world, exotic markets, sensual scents, unique bird life. The perfect mix between culture, island hopping, nature, sports and relaxation.

From € 1.149,- per person (8D/7N)
Untouched island world of the Moluccas: Lonely bay on the spice island Morotai

Moluccas: Morotai Private Trip for Explorers

Individual trip to Morotai

Moluccas island Morotai nature & culture trip for explorers: Individual nature and culture tour for explorers. Remote islands, secluded bays with white sandy beaches, dense jungle with endemic bird species, crystal-clear rivers and hidden waterfalls, picturesque island landscapes and a unique underwater world all together with an impressive island history are waiting for you.

From € 2.299,- per person (6D/5N), individual days can also be booked
Moluccas, Spice Islands: Smoking volcano Ibu on Halmahera island, North Moluccas, Indonesia

Moluccas: Volcano Adventure Halmahera Island

Nature experience for true adventurers, Mt. Ibu & Dukono volcano tour, Halmahera

Trip to Halmahera: Not only volcano lovers will get their money's worth on this trip. Besides the trekking excursions to the undiscovered Moluccan volcanoes, the tour also offers dramatic landscapes, dreamlike sunrises, overnight stays in tent camps and the warm, honest friendliness of the Indonesians with their good cuisine.

From € 1.149,- per person (8D/7N)
Indonesia, Moluccas: Landscape panorama Halmahera with mountain, sea & palm trees

Moluccas: North-Halmahera Discovery Tour

Private tour for nature & culture lovers to North Halmahera

Tailor-made trip North Halmahera: Immerse yourself in unknown territory and join us for an exciting journey to the still unexplored island of Halmahera, the largest island of the Moluccas and one of the entchanting Spice Islands. Discover its mighty rainforests, imposing volcanoes, magnificent endemic bird species and its equally lively and colorful underwater world.

From € 1.249,- per person (7D/6N), single days can also be booked
Moluccas, Halmahera: Jungle tent camp with camp fire

Moluccas: West Halmahera Jungle Trekking

West Halmahera adventure jungle tour for true explorers

Moluccas journey West Halmahera Jungle Trekking: You love nature and are up for adventure. You want to explore the unknown and like to get involved with what the day may hold for you. And if on top unknown animals and birds' species may cross your path, that's just perfect. Great; this is your tour! 

From € 1.949,- per person (13D/12N)
Moluccas - Spice Islands: Taman Moya Ternate

Moluccas: Private Cycling & Snorkeling Tour

Tailor-made trip to Ternate and Tidore

Our active trip cycling and snorkelling tour on the Moluccas: During your private island hopping tour through the dreamlike Islands, you will get to know the volcanic twin islands of Ternate and Tidore on foot during a hike and by bicycle. As a reward for your efforts, you can dive and snorkel through a crystal-clear underwater world and enjoy dream beaches with powder sugar sand.

From € 610,- per person (5D/4N)
Moluccas: Wallace Standard Wing (Halmahera Bird of Paradise)

Moluccas: Halmahera Birding Tour (7D/6N)

Indonesia Halmahera Trip for birdwatchers, nature lovers and adventurers

Birdwatching tour on Halmahera: In the footsteps of Alfred R. Wallace. Explore the equally impressive and rare endemic bird species in the jungle areas of the largest island of the Moluccas. Some bird species are only found here. Follow Wallace; join us to find the Wallace Standard Wing -the Halmahera Bird of Paradise- and many more.

From € 1.599,- per person (7T/6N)
Obi Woodcock (Scolopax rochussenii)

Moluccas: Obi Island Birding Tour (7D/ 6N)

Individual trip Moluccas Island Obi: For Moluccan Woodcock fans & Co.

Individual Obi Island Birding Tour: You are drawn to explore rare and impressive endemic bird species in their natural habitat. And if you have to undertake a long journey into unknown parts of the world and their jungle areas, all the more interesting for you! Certain bird species are only at home here. Can be combined with our Moluccas: Halmahera Birding Tour.

From € 1.349,- per person
Moluccas - Halmahera: Kusu Island Resort from bird's perspective

Moluccas: Kusu Island Resort - Southwest of Halmahera

Luxurious private wellbeing resort at the heart of the Coral Triangle

Kusu Island Resort, Halmahera - Moluccas: Diving holiday in paradise, with spa and wellness offers at the highest standard and under German speaking management, 'Robinson Feeling' included. Only 8 beautiful villas, a restaurant and a dive centre with camera room. 

From € 1.540,-* per person (8D/7N)
Sali Bay Resort, Moluccas: Resort Jetty with Dive Boats

Moluccas: Sali Bay Resort - Southwest of Halmahera

Sali Cecil Island - Secluded resort for exploring & relaxing

Sali Bay Resort, Halmahera - Moluccas: Right in the middle of the Coral Triangle divers’ paradise! Comfortable cozy resort under German management. Restaurant, Dive Center & Spa and lots of fantastic secluded diving spots. Pure island vacation.

From € 840,-* per person (8D/7N)
Moluccas - Morotai: Metita Beach & Dive Resort - Beach cottage interior view

Moluccas: Metita Beach & Dive Resort - South of Morotai

Paradise-like dive & beach resort in the middle of a dream-like island world

Metita Beach & Dive Resort, Morotai - Moluccas: 6 enchanting beach cottages, a dive centre and spa. Under German management, offers a secluded island feeling and a unique dive experience. Journey to unchartered territory; hidden nature jewel for relaxation and adventure. 

From € 927,50* per person (8D/7N)
Moluccas, spice island of Morotai: Moro Ma'Doto Resort, breakfast in the infinity pool

Moluccas: Moro Ma'Doto Resort - Southeastern Morotai

Dream holiday in hidden resort gem on the Spice Island of Morotai

Moro Ma'Doto Resort, Morotai - Moluccas: The idyllic resort has 4 spacious villas and 1 rooftop suite with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Under German-Indonesian management, the upscale resort is a hidden gem for relaxation and adventure holidays.

From € 1.869,- per villa (8D/7N)

Do you have your dream travel destination present in mind? Our travel offers don't quite fit the bill or do you still have questions? Then contact us and we will create your individual offer for you.


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