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Discover with us the fascinating bird life and the unique wildlife of the region East of the Wallace Line. Endemic species await you!

Indonesia, Raja Ampat: Pianemo View Point

Raja Ampat: Nature adventure trip to island kingdom West Papua

Holidays with birds of paradise, palm beaches and a Pacific Ocean backdrop

Raja Ampat: Nature adventure trip to the island kingdom of West Papua. Holiday under palm trees on lonely white beaches with crystal clear water and often with a bit of an adventure feeling, in the middle of an extraordinary landscape, with exotic animals and a foreign culture. Are you looking for a backdrop to satisfy your wanderlust? This trip is made for you.

From € 1.649,- per person (6D/5N)
Sulawesi - Tangkoko National Park: Koboldmaki

Sulawesi: Private Tour Minahasa & Tangkoko

Highlight for Animal Lovers in North Sulawesi - 2 Variants

Tangkoko & Minahasa Discovery tour to the world’s smallest monkeys in the jungle of Tangkoko National Park, a highlight for animal lovers, nature buffs and monkey fans. Our individual tours to the nature reserve are perfect for those who are keen to do an exciting trip into the rainforest besides diving and snorkeling.

From € 769,- per person (5D/4N)
Sulawesi, Tangkoko Nationalpark: Knobbed Hornbill (Rhyticeros Cassidix)

Sulawesi: Minahasa & Tangkoko National Park Day Trip

North Sulawesi Highlights Tour - Private Excursion for Beginners

Sulawesi Minahasa & Tangkoko National Park: Meet the world's smallest monkeys in the dense jungle of Tangkoko National Park and immerse yourself in the breathtaking Minahasa Highlands during your private and individually planned day tour. Ideal as a day trip from/to your beach or diving resort.

From € 179,- per person (1D/0N)
Sulawesi Maleo (Macrocephalon Maleo)

Sulawesi: Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park Tour

Tailor-made Sulawesi tour for Adventurers, Naturalists and Animal Lovers

Bogani Nani Wartabone Nationalpark Trip: Private discovery tour through dense jungle vegetation to one of the last jungle refuges of imposing endemic animal and bird species of North Sulawesi with jungle, waterfalls and hot springs and magnificent views over the Bogani Nani Wartabone area.

From € 1.799,- per person (7D/6N)
Sulawesi: View from Gunung Tatawiran to Lokon volcano

Sulawesi: Gunung Tatawiran Jungle Explorer Tour

Beginners' Adventure Tour for Nature Lovers

Individual exploration trip to the unknown jungle terrains of the touristically undiscovered Gunung Tatawiran in North Sulawesi. Immerse yourself and be part of the exciting jungle life and discover animal and bird species unknown to you. Stay in a tented camp in the middle of the rainforest and discover unknown animal and bird species right around you.

From € 599,- per person (4D/3N)
Moluccas: Wallace Standard Wing (Halmahera Bird of Paradise)

Moluccas: Halmahera Birding Tour (7D/6N)

Indonesia Halmahera Trip for birdwatchers, nature lovers and adventurers

Birdwatching tour on Halmahera: In the footsteps of Alfred R. Wallace. Explore the equally impressive and rare endemic bird species in the jungle areas of the largest island of the Moluccas. Some bird species are only found here. Follow Wallace; join us to find the Wallace Standard Wing -the Halmahera Bird of Paradise- and many more.

From € 1.599,- per person (7T/6N)
Obi Woodcock (Scolopax rochussenii)

Moluccas: Obi Island Birding Tour (7D/ 6N)

Individual trip Moluccas Island Obi: For Moluccan Woodcock fans & Co.

Individual Obi Island Birding Tour: You are drawn to explore rare and impressive endemic bird species in their natural habitat. And if you have to undertake a long journey into unknown parts of the world and their jungle areas, all the more interesting for you! Certain bird species are only at home here. Can be combined with our Moluccas: Halmahera Birding Tour.

From € 1.349,- per person
Komodo Island: Komodo dragon climbing up tree

Sunda Islands: Komodo & Flores Round Trip

Holiday between Komodo dragons and Kelimutu volcano

Sunda Islands: Flores & Komodo Round Trip. You've taken a liking to the Komodo dragons and now you really want to see them where they are at home - on Komodo! Do you love to explore unknown terrain and get to know the country and its people? Voila, your trip combines the island of Komodo with Flores - the perfect private Indonesia holiday.

From € 1.649,- per person (6D/5N)
Sunda Island Sumbawa: Three Whale Sharks

Sunda Islands: West Sumbawa Adventure Tour

Individual culture and nature trip through Sumbawa's western half

Sumbawa, Sunda Inseln: Discover the western half of the little-known island Sumbawa on your individual Indonesia trip. Here, between Lombok and the Komodo National Park, you will find an impressive backdrop of dense rainforest, picturesque lakes and waterfalls and a magical marine world that is home to, among other things, gigantic whale sharks.

From € 1.599,- per person (8D/7N)