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Tidore Island

Spice plantations, traditions & hidden mountain villages

It was in 1519 when Ferdinand Magellan set sail westward on behalf of the Spanish King to search for the place of origin of nutmeg and clove in the race for domination of the extremely profitable spice trade. Magellan didn’t survive the long voyage of discovery, but his helmsman, Juan Sebastian Elcano, who took over accomplished the near impossible mission to circumnavigate the earth. In addition to finally proving that the earth was a sphere, he reached the Spice Islands, anchoring off the island of Tidore on November 8, 1521.

Tidore shares many similarities with the island of Ternate, its immediate neighbour. Here, too, visitors can find spice plantations, old fortifications and a picturesque volcano which shapes the landscape of this rather compact 127 km² small island. The history of the two islands, the region of origin of the clove tree, is closely interwoven, although in the past they seldom shared the same ‘wavelength’. Similar to Ternate, also Tidore is a Sultanate and can be counted as one of the oldest in the world. But compared to its ‘noisy neighbour’, Tidore has retained a quiet, leisurely, some would say sleepy, ambience which gives it a special appeal.


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Journey to Tidore

By plane:

  • Singapur – Manado (Sulawesi) – Ternate –> Scoot 4 hrs. + u.a. Garuda, Wings 45 min.

  • Jakarta (Java) – Ternate –> Garuda, Wings, LionAir, Batik 4 hrs.

By ship:

  • Mangga Dua (Ternate) – Rum (Tidore) —> ca. 10 min.

  • Sofifi (Halmahera) – Soasio (Tidore) —>  ca. 45 min.