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Holidays in Sulawesi & the Moluccas - Diving, Snorkeling and Swimming

Diving holidays, snorkelling and swimming like in paradise! This is still possible on the islands of the Moluccas and Sulawesi! Come on, dive in with us!



Diving Hotels & Dream Beach Holiday Resorts

Saronde Island Resort, Sulawesi: Private beach dinner with island view

Sulawesi North: Saronde Island Resort - North Gorontalo

Small, fine bungalow resort paradise for diving, snorkelling & more

Saronde Island Resort, North Gorontalo Region: Paradise island in eastern Indonesia for divers, snorkellers and those seeking peace and quiet. Arrive and let go at the white icing sugar beach. Holiday resort with only 6 deluxe bungalows with private beach for 'private dining' as well as diving classes and spa.

From € 1.050,-* per person (8D/7N)
Sulawesi: Sea Souls Resort - bungalow interior view

Sulawesi North: Sea Souls Resort - Bangka Island

Idyllic Bungalow Resort between Celebes & Moluccas Sea

Sea Souls Resort Bangka Island/Indonesia: To unwind - For divers and snorkel enthusiasts as well as for fans of cool sunsets and a nature-loving way of life. Special resort with only 6 beach bungalows built in Indonesian style with a direct view of the sea, restaurant, dive center at a private, 800 m long white sandy beach. 

From € 525,-* per person (8D/7N)
Sulawesi: Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort - Exterior View

Sulawesi North: Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort - Sulawesi Main Island

Pristine resort in local style and unspoilt nature of North Sulawesi

Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort, eastern tip of North Sulawesi: Jungle feeling combined with relaxing, diving & snorkelling. Switch off and let go at the white sandy beach. Only 4 deluxe, 4 budget bungalows, dive school, common room, restaurant.

From € 700,-* per person (8D/7N)
 Dive into Lembeh Resort, Sulawesi: Open Air Restaurant

Sulawesi North: Dive into Lembeh Resort - Sulawesi Main Island

Cosy resort between Lembeh Straits & Tangkoko National Park

Resort 'Dive into Lembeh', Straits of Lembeh/Kasawari Bay: Bungalow resort in ideal location for pure nature experience and travel adventures above and below sea level. Only 10 bungalows with sea view and terrace with Japanese Whirlpool; dive centre and black sandy beach.

From € 910,-* per person (8D/7N)
 Sulawesi: White Sands Beach Resort Lembeh - Resort from bird's perspective

Sulawesi North: White Sands Beach Resort Lembeh - Lembeh Island

Lembeh Strait's only white sand beach resort

White Sands Beach Resort Lembeh, Sulawesi: Welcome to the paradise of tiny marine creatures - Muck Diving at its best! Small, private resort in a dream location with 12 villas, pool, restaurant, diving school and white sandy beach at the best dive sites with its own house reef! 

From € 700,-* per person (8D/7N)
Indonesien, Moluccas: White sandy beach with palm trees and wooden houses

Moluccas: Dream island holiday Ambon and Kei Islands

Nature experience trip to the treasures of the remote Central Moluccas

Moluccas: Dream island holiday Ambon and Kei Islands. Individually guided tour to the remote island of Ambon and the Kei Island archipelago. Nature experience trip to Indonesia east of the Wallace Line, still undiscovered by tourists. Get involved with the land, the people and the sea.

From € 1.999,- per person (8D/7N)
Moluccas - Halmahera: Kusu Island Resort from bird's perspective

Moluccas: Kusu Island Resort - South Halmahera Regency

Luxurious private wellbeing resort at the heart of the Coral Triangle

Diving holiday in the paradise-like Kusu Island Resort, South Halmahera, with spa and wellness offers at the highest standard and under German speaking management, 'Robinson Feeling' included. Only 8 beautiful villas, a restaurant and a dive centre with camera room. 

From € 1.540,-* per person (8D/7N)
Moluccas - Morotai: Metita Beach & Dive Resort - Beach cottage interior view

Moluccas: Metita Beach & Dive Resort - South Morotai Regency

Paradise-like dive & beach resort in the middle of a dream-like island world

Metita Beach & Dive Resort, Morotai: Currently 6 enchanting beach cottages, a dive centre and spa. Under German management, offers a secluded island feeling as well as incomparable diving experiences. Journey to unchartered territory; hidden nature jewel for relaxation and adventure. 

From € 1.750,-* per cottage (8D/7N) ->10% discount for July/ August stays 2023
 Moluccas Morotai - Moro Ma'Doto Resort: Living area with ocean view

Moluccas: Moro Ma'Doto Resort - Spice Island Morotai

Dream holiday in hidden resort gem on the northernmost Moluccan island

Morotai Island holiday: The idyllically located Moro Ma'Doto Resort has 4 spacious villas and 1 rooftop suite with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Under German-Indonesian management, the upscale resort is a hidden gem for relaxation and adventure alike.

From € 1.869,- per villa (8D/7N)