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Holidays in Sulawesi & the Moluccas - Diving, Snorkeling and Swimming

Diving holidays, snorkelling and swimming like in paradise! This is still possible on the islands of the Moluccas and Sulawesi! Come on, dive in with us!



Diving Hotels & Dream Beach Holiday Resorts

Saronde Island Resort, Sulawesi: Private beach dinner with island view

Sulawesi North: Saronde Island Resort - North Gorontalo

Small, fine bungalow resort paradise for diving, snorkelling & more

Saronde Island Resort, North Gorontalo - Sulawesi: Paradise island in eastern Indonesia for divers, snorkellers and those seeking peace and quiet. Arrive and let go at the white icing sugar beach. Holiday resort with only 6 deluxe bungalows with private beach for 'private dining' as well as diving classes and spa.

From € 1.050,-* per person (8D/7N)
Sulawesi: Sea Souls Resort - bungalow interior view

Sulawesi North: Sea Souls Resort - Bangka Island

Idyllic Bungalow Resort between Celebes & Moluccas Sea

Sea Souls Resort, Bangka Island - Sulawesi: To unwind - For divers and snorkel enthusiasts as well as for fans of cool sunsets and a nature-loving way of life. Special resort with only 6 beach bungalows built in Indonesian style with a direct view of the sea, restaurant, dive center at a private, 800 m long white sandy beach. 

From € 750,-* per person (8D/7N)
 Coral Eye Resort - Bangka Island, Sulawesi

Sulawesi North: Coral Eye Resort - Bangka Island

Unique Island Dive Resort with Marine Outpost & Spa - Science up close

Coral Eye Boutique Resort, Bangka Island - Sulawesi: Own Marine Outpost in tropical island garden. It's THE resort for marine life lovers and inquisitive underwater fans. Small, fine resort with diving centre and spa. A different kind of swimming and diving holiday! 

From € 840,-* per person (8D/7N)
 Dive into Lembeh Resort, Sulawesi: Open Air Restaurant

Sulawesi North: Dive into Lembeh Resort - Sulawesi Main Island

Cosy resort between Lembeh Straits & Tangkoko National Park

Resort 'Dive into Lembeh', Lembeh Straits - Sulawesi: Bungalow resort in ideal location for pure nature experience and travel adventures above and below sea level. Only 10 bungalows with sea view and terrace with Japanese Whirlpool; dive centre and black sandy beach.

From € 630,-* per person (8D/7N)
Kuda Laut Resort - Siladen Island, North Sulawesi: View from Beach Villa Terrace

Sulawesi North: Kuda Laut - Resort on Siladen Island

Romantic Bungalow Dive Resort in the Celebes Sea

Kuda Laut Boutique Dive Resort, Siladen Island - Sulawesi: Romantic holiday resort with only 8 bungalows for the perfect end to your Sulawesi travel. Dive, swim, snorkel or spend the day with a cool drink in the hammock - whatever you like.

From € 1.218,-* per person (8D/7N)
 Siladen Resort & Spa, Sulawesi: Luxury Beach Villa with private sunbeds & sun loungers

Sulawesi North: Siladen Resort & Spa - Siladen Island

Exclusive Boutique Diving Resort in the Middle of the Celebes Sea

Siladen Resort & Spa, Siladen Island - Sulawesi: Luxurious bungalow resort for the perfect ending of your Indonesia trip. Whether snorkeling, diving or just 'taking a break from everyday life'. If you appreciate luxurious ambience, this is your location.

From € 1.173,-* per person (8D/7N)
Sulawesi, Indonesien: Gangga Island Resort & Spa at white sandy beach

Sulawesi North: Gangga Island Resort & Spa - Gangga Island

Entchanting Bungalow Resort in Celebes Sea

Gangga Island Resort & Spa, Gangga Island/ Sulawesi: Elegant resort in Bunaken Marine Park. Built in Minahasa style, the ideal place for relaxation. A resort-owned diving center, a fantastic white sandy palm beach and a relaxation spa await you here.

From € 1.183,-* per person (8D/7N)
Selayar Dive Resort, Sulawesi: Deluxe bungalow with hammock

Sulawesi South: Selayar Dive Resort - Selayar Island

Authentic holiday resort in pristine nature with a relaxed atmosphere

Selayar Dive Resort, Soth Sulawesi: Remote and at one with nature in a fantastic setting, the small, family holiday resort with just 9 bungalows offers an exotic jungle feeling with diving and snorkeling and a private beach.

From € 770,-* per person (8D/7N)
Sulawesi: Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort - Exterior View

Sulawesi North: Pulisan Resort - Sulawesi Main Island

Pristine resort in local style and unspoilt nature of North Sulawesi

Pulisan Resort, eastern tip of North Sulawesi: Jungle feeling combined with relaxing, diving & snorkelling. Switch off and let go at the white sandy beach. Only 6 deluxe, 2 budget bungalows, dive school, common room, restaurant.

From € 350,-* per person (8D/7N)
 Central East Sulawesi: Tompotika Dive Lodge

Sulawesi East: Tompotika Dive Lodge - Sulawesi Main Island

Relaxed and authentic resort for holidays in pristine nature

Tompotika Dive Lodge, Central Sulawesi: Far away from the tourist crowds, but close to the simple things in life. Small diving resort with only 5 bungalows, diving school and restaurant as well as lots of local flair in untouched nature.

From € 742,-* per person (8D/7N)
 Iconic panoramic view of the Lembeh Resort - Sulawesi, Lembeh Straits

Sulawesi North: Lembeh Resort - Lembeh Island

Exclusive diving resort in the Lembeh Straits for connoisseurs

Lembeh Resort, Sulawesi: Exclusive facility in a diving paradise for muck diving with a tropical jungle feeling in a dream location with pool, restaurant, photo centre with Photo Pro, one of the most professional diving schools with its own marine biologist for diving experiences in a class of their own!

From € 980,-* per person (8D/7N)
 Sulawesi: White Sands Beach Resort Lembeh - Resort from bird's perspective

Sulawesi North: White Sands Beach Resort Lembeh - Lembeh Island

Lembeh Strait's only white sand beach resort

White Sands Beach Resort Lembeh, Sulawesi: Welcome to the paradise of tiny marine creatures - Muck Diving at its best! Small, private resort in a dream location with 12 villas, pool, restaurant, diving school and white sandy beach at the best dive sites with its own house reef! 

From € 700,-* per person (8D/7N)
Moluccas - Halmahera: Kusu Island Resort from bird's perspective

Moluccas: Kusu Island Resort - Southwest of Halmahera

Luxurious private wellbeing resort at the heart of the Coral Triangle

Kusu Island Resort, Halmahera - Moluccas: Diving holiday in paradise, with spa and wellness offers at the highest standard and under German speaking management, 'Robinson Feeling' included. Only 8 beautiful villas, a restaurant and a dive centre with camera room. 

From € 1.540,-* per person (8D/7N)
Sali Bay Resort, Moluccas: Resort Jetty with Dive Boats

Moluccas: Sali Bay Resort - Southwest of Halmahera

Sali Cecil Island - Secluded resort for exploring & relaxing

Sali Bay Resort, Halmahera - Moluccas: Right in the middle of the Coral Triangle divers’ paradise! Comfortable cozy resort under German management. Restaurant, Dive Center & Spa and lots of fantastic secluded diving spots. Pure island vacation.

From € 840,-* per person (8D/7N)
Moluccas - Morotai: Metita Beach & Dive Resort - Beach cottage interior view

Moluccas: Metita Beach & Dive Resort - South of Morotai

Paradise-like dive & beach resort in the middle of a dream-like island world

Metita Beach & Dive Resort, Morotai - Moluccas: 6 enchanting beach cottages, a dive centre and spa. Under German management, offers a secluded island feeling and a unique dive experience. Journey to unchartered territory; hidden nature jewel for relaxation and adventure. 

From € 927,50* per person (8D/7N)
Moluccas, spice island of Morotai: Moro Ma'Doto Resort, breakfast in the infinity pool

Moluccas: Moro Ma'Doto Resort - Southeastern Morotai

Dream holiday in hidden resort gem on the Spice Island of Morotai

Moro Ma'Doto Resort, Morotai - Moluccas: The idyllic resort has 4 spacious villas and 1 rooftop suite with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Under German-Indonesian management, the upscale resort is a hidden gem for relaxation and adventure holidays.

From € 1.869,- per villa (8D/7N)
Komodo Resort: Deluxe Bungalows Exterior View

Sunda Islands: Komodo Resort - Sebayur Island, Komodo National Park

Sebayur Island: Bungalow Resort for divers, snorkelers & nature lovers

Komodo Resort, Komodo National Park - Coral Triangle: Island vacation on Sebayur, East Indonesia, for demanding divers, passionate snorkelers and fans of giant lizards. Extraordinary resort with pure nature and adventure flair, 5-star diving center, restaurant and spa. 

From € 1.288,-* per person (8D/7N)
Beach beds with direct sea views, Mocean Dive Resort, Sumbawa Island

Sunda Islands: Mocean Dive Resort - Sumbawa Island

Friendly bungalow resort for relaxing, diving and surfing

Mocean Dive Resort, West-Sumbawa/ Indonesia: Tranquil resort with only 6 bungalows for connoisseurs of diving, surfing & snorkeling. Good food, wonderful views and a fantastic underwater world. Experience West Sumbawa and end your trip here.

From € 1.120,-* per person (8D/7N) -> 25% discount for stays till 31.12.24 for bookings till 31.08.
Sumbawa Island, Samawa Seaside Cottages: Four Bedroom Cottage Outside View

Sunda Islands: Samawa Seaside Cottages - Sumbawa Island

Spacious and cozy garden resort by the sea

Samawa Seaside Cottages, Sumbawa Island: Idyllically located holiday resort with spacious palm wood bungalows, a garden pool and lots of privacy. The perfect starting point for activities in the surrounding area and for enjoying sunrises :-)

From € 420,-* per bungalow (8D/7N)
Enchanting resort garden of the Eco Resort Sumba Dream, Sumba Island

Sunda Islands: Eco Resort Sumba Dream - Sumba Island

Our guests say: This resort is heavenly

Eco Resort Sumba Dream, Sumba Island: Enchanting little resort pearl 'with character' for holidays with lots of space and in unspoiled stunning nature. Owner-managed complex with only 6 bungalows, cozy & relaxed, right on a private long, white sandy beach. Life is beautiful!

From € 210,-* per person (8D/7N)
 Sumba Beach House, Indonesia: Pool with a view of the beach bar

Sunda Islands: Sumba Beach House - Sumba Island

Cozy Little Resort for Globetrotters & Nature Lovers

Sumba Beach House, Sumba Island: Cozy, little beach house resort with only 4 suites, pool & bar right by the sea. Indonesia holidays far away from the tourist growds. The perfect place for culture, nature and adventure. Discover, relax and enjoy!

From € 595,-* per person (8D/7N)
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Sunda Islands: The Sanubari - Sumba Island

A hidden sanctuary for the explorer and nature lover

The Sanubari, Sumba Island: Understated luxury in perfect seclusion. Small paradise off the beaten track for creating lifelong memories. Beach resort with only 9 villas, private pool and lots of privacy. Arrive & enjoy!

From € 1.050,-* per person (8D/7N)
Sumba Island, Indonesia: Lelewatu Resort: Restaurant at sunset

Sunda Islands: Lelewatu Resort - Sumba Island

Pool Villa Resort to relax and forget the world

Lelewatu Resort, Sumba Island: Picturesque, dreamy holiday resort with just 11 luxurious villas with private pools to relax and enjoy. Fascinating views over the Indian Ocean and breathtaking sunsets – pure pampering!

From € 1.330-* per person (8D/7N)
Cove Eco Resort, Raja Ampat: Palmtree beach view from bungalow terrace

Raja Ampat: Cove Eco Resort - Yeben Island

Diving resort in the middle of the coral triangle underwater paradise

Cove Eco Resort, Yeben Island - Raja Ampat: Discover this small, fine diving resort. In the northwest of Raja Ampat, secluded on a private island, the paradisiacal Cove Eco Resort captivates with simple elegance and pure nature. Welcome to the Coral Triangle! 

From € 1.650,-* per person (8D/7N)
Papua Explorers Dive Resort: Resort Restaurant

Raja Ampat: Papua Explorers Eco Dive Resort - Gam Island

Cosy Bungalow Resort in best coral triangle location

Papua Explorers Eco Dive Resort, Gam Island - Raja Ampat: Far away from everything and yet right in the middle of it all - in the most species-rich underwater paradise on earth, the Coral Triangle, directly on the Dampier Straits. Dream holiday not only for divers :-) 

From € 1.815,-* per person (8D/7N)
 Indonesia, Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort: Jetty, beach & palm trees

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort - Gam Island

Resort paradise in the Coral Triangle that reunites nature and soul

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort, Gam Island: Nestled between jungle & sea, with palm beach and the sound of waves. Owner-managed small dive resort; 'down to earth', cozy and close to nature. Mittendrin im Korallendreieck und doch remote.

From € 1.085,-* per person (8D/7N)
Dive boat in front of Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat: Papua Paradise Eco Resort - Birie Island

Elegant Bungalow Dive Resort with a pampering touch

Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Birie Island - Raja Ampat: Relax, unwind & enjoy in Indonesia east of the Wallace Line - a holiday in paradise. Embark on a dream journey for all senses and let yourself be enchanted by the wonders of nature :-)

From € 1.011,-* per person (8D/7N)