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Islands like Ternate, Tidore, Morotai and Halmahera, also known as the Spice Islands, belong to the northern Moluccas and are still largely untouched by tourism. A trip to the Moluccas feels like an adventure to the last undiscovered destinations on our planet. North Sulawesi and Toraja, on the other hand, are already a little better known, but a holiday there is no less appealing.

There is no mass tourism on our tours. You are always alone with your guide. Sometimes you will meet few or no western tourists on your tour. Our tours, east of the Wallace Line, are unique discovery tours, challenging trekking experiences, impressive volcano excursions in one of the world's most active volcanic regions, jungle adventures and the experience of unique flora and fauna.

We appeal to people who want to travel individually but not alone. Travellers who want to immerse themselves in untouched areas, the local culture, flora and fauna are in the right place with us. Scientifically interested guests and ornithologists discover species with us that are found nowhere else in the world.

And remember, we want you to be able to travel just as individually as you wish. Our tours are therefore flexible. If you have any requests for changes, please let us know. Let us inspire you with our itineraries, but remember, everything can be customised for you. Find your dream tour now:



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Culture and Nature Adventure Trips


Culture and Nature Adventure Trips: Our beginner tours are ideal for those interested in the diversity of the islands East of Wallace. For these tours you should be of average fitness. The individual trips and tours can be a bit strenuous at times, but the strain is manageable and you will get a comprehensive insight into the highlights of the different islands. You will notice that the tours are “same-same but different”. Whatever you are interested in, the island world of East Indonesia offers something for everyone: culture, nature, snorkelling, diving, animal and bird watching (the perfect trips for bird watchers and ornithologists), jungle tours through national parks, volcano climbing, island hopping, discovery tours on foot or by bike. Wonderful Indonesia - everything is possible!


Trekking, Adventure and Volcanoes


Our Trekking Adventure Tours to the volcanoes of the island of Halmahera are perfect for those with a very good level of fitness and basic physical condition. On the way, you will pass through quite rough terrain and you will be on very narrow paths, which can sometimes be a bit steep and slippery. Some of the overnight stays on these tours are very basic, which we think adds to the adventure and anyway there is no alternative!


Discovery Tours Endemic Species


Our Discovery Tours Endemic Species are a particular highlight for jungle fans and national park enthusiasts. Especially animal lovers and bird watchers will also be thrilled to meet the endemic species, which can be discovered here, above and under water. The biodiversity is unique. Marvel at primates, mammals, reptiles, unknown bird species, flowering plants as well as rare fish and coral species. For the tours through various national parks in eastern Indonesia, you should have an average level of fitness. The discovery tours are not quite as strenuous, but as we are moving through the rainforest, you should be able to cope with muddy and slippery spots and generally rough terrein. The discovery tours offers you a lot of fascinating nature experiences. And remember, all travel modules are customised according to your wishes!


East Indonesia: Island Resorts, Diving & Beach Holiday


Our special Diving Tours and Dream Island Tours will take you to deserted islands, enchanting little resorts, white powder sugar beaches (sometimes also to black lava sand beaches) and brilliant diving sites. Look forward to lonely and untouched islands, enjoy breathtaking panoramic views, let yourself be enchanted by the reserved but very friendly people, experience lots of untouched jungle, beautiful bays, lakes, waterfalls, ingenious diving grounds and countless possibilities to marvel at Indonesia's underwater world also as a snorkeller. All our diving and beach stays on the Moluccas and Sulawesi are ideal as a follow-up to a round trip or trekking tour and/or for relaxation. If you want to experience Robinson Feeling or a diving holiday, this is the right place for you. You don't need to be in great shape to visit the islands. However, it is an advantage to be good on foot, because there is a lot to explore. If you feel like a day trip after a relaxing phase, you can take different day tours from the islands. 


Toraja Tour


Our Toraja Tours are for all those who are interested in foreign cultures and would like to gain an insight into the unique death cult of the Toraja people of Sulawesi with all its peculiar rituals. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea to visit a deceased person at home or to witness an animal sacrifice, so its your decision how deep you want to go with the experience. On the tour, you will also take some gentle strolls through traditional Toraja villages and the surrounding countryside to let the beautiful landscape work its magic on you. 

Events on the Islands of East Indonesia


Speaking of exploring: In addition to their unique nature and wildlife, the islands of eastern Indonesia also offer plenty of cultural highlights. We have compiled some island events for you. Each island has its own sights and attractions, such as the Legu Gam Festival on Ternate, the Tidore Festival on Tidore island, the Rera Tumding Festival and the Festival Tuluk Jailolo on Halmahera or the incredibly colourful Tomohon International Flower Festival in North Sulawesi.


Our tip: If possible, plan your trip to coincide with these events. It is worth it! Of course, we will support you in your planning through our local contacts.


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